Oral Appliance Therapy in Tulsa, OK

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About Oral Appliance Therapy

With oral appliance therapy, all a patient has to do is wear a special mouthpiece to bed every night. It will be designed to comfortably fit over the teeth and slightly reposition the jaw forward. This prevents the airway from closing, stopping snoring or sleep apnea from occurring. This results in better sleep, better mornings, and a happier partner as well!

Oral Appliance Therapy FAQs

How much does oral appliance therapy cost?

The exact price of oral appliance therapy can fluctuate, depending on a number of factors, including the device itself and the number of necessary modifications. After your consultation, Dr. Susman will be able to determine your precise treatment plan and provide you with an in-depth cost estimate.

How long do oral appliances last?

Oral appliances are not designed to last forever. In most cases, patients will be able to use their appliance for around 1 – 2 years before they will need a replacement. It's important to replace your oral appliance in order to continually avoid the effects of sleep apnea.

Will my insurance cover oral appliance therapy?

In many cases, insurance companies will cover part or even all of the cost of oral appliance therapy. However, this can vary from one insurance agency to another so it's always a good idea to contact a representative for your insurance beforehand.

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