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About Dental Crowns

In many instances, individual teeth that have been affected by a fair amount of tooth decay or damage can be fixed with a crown restoration. Our modern dental practice proudly provides these dental restorations to Tulsa, OK women and men to help support and cover the visible part of a tooth while also reestablishing a more natural appearance and function. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” that are fitted directly over damaged teeth, and with them, Dr. Marc Susman and his team can utilize to:

  • Fix very large cavities
  • Replace dental structure that has been chipped or broken
  • Strengthen weakened enamel that is about to crack
  • Improve the overall appearance and shape of a tooth
  • Change the shape of a tooth to even out the bite

Crowns are custom-made to match neighboring teeth and are often placed to address teeth that are broken, tooth decay, teeth that are oddly shaped, and other types of oral damage. They could also be merged into a unit to form a dental bridge or connected to single dental implants to replace teeth that have been lost. Book an appointment with our team at Smile Remodels & Digital Dentistry to discover if a customized dental crown may improve the health and aesthetics of your smile.


Whenever Dr. Susman repairs a tooth, he doesn’t just want to make it strong again but help it look new as well. That’s why instead of using silver or gold crowns, he offers 100% white ceramic restorations. These are just as durable as traditional metal crowns, but they can be shaded to resemble a real tooth, down to the finest detail. Even better, in cases where root canal therapy is required, we may even be able to place your crown in the same appointment.

How do Dental Crowns work?

Crown procedures for Tulsa, OK patients most often take place over the course of two appointments. During the first appointment, one of our expert dentists will administer a local anesthetic to the treatment area and can incorporate sedation services to boost your comfort level if you so choose. When the affected tooth structure has been cleared away, an impression of the treated tooth will be taken and used by a professional dental laboratory to generate your personalized restoration. In the meantime, a provisional dental crown will need to be worn on the tooth to sustain oral function and a natural appearance during the time your customized dental restoration is being crafted. You should schedule a return visit at Smile Remodels & Digital Dentistry about 7 – 14 days later to have the provisional crown taken off and your new dental crown adhered to your tooth or implant.

Advanced Dental Restoration

Dental cavities, damaged teeth, and other types of complications may be best taken care of with a custom crown from our Tulsa, OK facility. This type of dental restoration might help prevent additional issues while reestablishing your normal function and a healthy-looking appearance for your tooth. Contact Smile Remodels & Digital Dentistry to reserve a treatment consultation with our dental experts, and learn if a crown or another restoration is right for your smile.

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