Oral Cancer Screening in Tulsa, OK

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About Oral Cancer Screening

Of course, cavities and gum disease aren’t the only issues that can occur in the mouth. Oral cancer is rarely talked about in the media, but it’s actually one of the most deadly varieties, claiming at least one life each and every hour in this country alone. Dr. Susman will keep an eye out for any signs of cancer during your normal exams, and if he finds anything, he’ll help you get a biopsy and diagnosis right away. With early detection and treatment, a patient has the best possible chance of a full recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oral Cancer Screenings

Who is a candidate for an oral cancer screening?
Nearly 50,000 U.S. citizens are diagnosed with oral cancer annually. Even so, the condition may be incredibly manageable if identified immediately. Oral cancer is known as an irregular accumulation of cells that may develop inside of or around the mouth, including on the lips, face, tongue, oral glands, jawbone, and throat, along with other oral structures. Dr. Susman conducts an oral cancer assessment at each yearly exam to identify nonmalignant cells, cancerous cells, or other irregular areas.

What are some symptoms of oral cancer?
A few of the frequently seen indications of oral tumors include sores, masses, convex or textured lesions, and discolored spots of tissue. The regions of concern could be taken out and biopsied, or you might be recommended to a specialist for further care. Following your oral cancer screening, Dr. Susman will talk with you about if any further steps are necessary for treatment.

How often should I receive an oral cancer screening?
During your yearly or bi-yearly dental exam, Dr. Susman can conduct an oral cancer screening. Additional screenings may also be necessary if you notice any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. When you suspect an abnormality, you should contact Smile Remodels & Digital Dentistry for a screening.

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