Dr. Marc Susman


Dr. Susman can’t wait to help you explore all of your dental goals. He has over 30 years of experience that serves him well throughout even the most extensive treatment plans. More than anything, his favorite part of this job is the positive interactions he has with other people, as well as the lasting joy he can bring to their lives!
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There are several reasons that eventually led Dr. Susman down the path to becoming a dentist. For instance, he grew up in a neighborhood where most of his friends’ dads were doctors and dentists. He saw firsthand how little time the doctors had to spend with their families – they were always on call and practically living at the various hospitals they worked at around the clock. However, he often saw the dentists mowing their lawns and having fun with their loved ones. He also loved working with his hands and taking apart all kinds of fascinating machines, from televisions and radios to garage door locks. He couldn’t always remember how to put them back together, though, which his dad definitely hated! Finally, he knew he wanted an education that went beyond just the typical – something that he could call his own and that no one could take away.

In 7th grade, Dr. Susman experienced the teenage rite of passage known as braces, and at this point, he knew that working in the dental field was the perfect career path for him. About 15 years later, he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery, and the rest is history!


PractitionerAn Okie from Muskogee, Dr. Susman achieved his doctorate at the University of Oklahoma and has been practicing now for multiple decades. After finishing his dental requirements early, he attended the Alabama Implant Congress in Birmingham. He ended up sitting next to Dr. Leonard Linkow, the father of dental implantology and was able to spend a week at his dental office on 5th Avenue. He was also one of the first of eight Americans who were trained in the University of Zurich in 1989 under the inventor of the CEREC Single Visit Computer Milling Device!

Today, Dr. Susman is still highly dedicated to continuing education, along with the rest of his tight-knit team, and they’re constantly finding new ways to merge traditional dentistry with the latest dental techniques and technologies.


PractitionerDr. Susman’s top priority outside of working hours is always to spend quality time with his amazing family. His wife Kimberly is a loving mother and homemaker, as well as a very talented health and fitness groupie who strength-trains and runs 5-6 days a week. His older daughter Maris currently attends the University of Oklahoma and is in the Chi-Omega Sorority. His younger daughter Rozlynn is in high school and has countless extracurricular activities, including cheerleading, basketball, and singing in the chorus. She may be the next Dr. Susman one day!

As for personal hobbies, Dr. Susman meets with a personal trainer twice a week and runs 3.5 miles two to three times a week. He enjoys snow skiing, attending his children’s various sporting events, and watching his wife run half marathons while still being completely unable to catch up to her.

He’s also passionate about remodeling projects, which started with his Muskogee dental office. When the contractor gave him an estimate that made it sound like he was asking for all gold fixtures, he went to the library, got a book on Modern Carpentry, and tackled the entire project himself. Today, he has completed several remodel projects, including his current home and previous home!

As you’ll surely discover after becoming his patient, Dr. Susman has countless fascinating stories to tell and share about his life. While we won’t spoil EVERYTHING here, check out a few below:

  • He roped calves in junior high and even won the big purse of $25 in a rodeo. An old cowboy dude who opened the gate wouldn’t stop calling him “Long Hair.”
  • He still has his Karate Gi from 8th grade – and it still fits!
  • The first time he ever got his baggage checked at an airport, he sarcastically said, “What, do you think I have a bomb?” You can let your imagination take over for the rest, but he urges everyone to resist joking around with Homeland Security.
  • He shook hands with Elvis Presley once and now often tells patients that he’s completing their dental work with the very same hand!


"I have been going to Dr. Susman for nearly 20 years. My husband for 1/2 that long. I can tell you, unequivocally,  Dr. Susman and his staff are professional and extremely talented in what they do.  I’ve had root canals, veneers, caps, cleaning! All were done with my care and comfort in mind. Great place."



"Dr Susman and his team are wonderful! Super nice and the girls are so sweet. They’re all really friendly and always making sure you’re taken care of. They make you feel welcomed and comfortable. They keep their space clean. They work well with you when it comes to the bill so you never have to stress about it. I’ve never had any issues with them since I started going there, Over 10 years ago. I always recommend dr Susman to anyone who asks."



"Thank you Dr.Susman! You have given me self confidence back in my smile, and did a great thorough job! And great staff! 100% would recommend to all my friends."



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